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Fraternal Living

Cistercian tradition attaches great importance to community and in Boulaur we live by this tradition with great joy. Like pebbles rubbed against each other in the bed of a river, fraternal life polishing us day after day.


All that we can do in common is done in small groups or all together: prayer, meals, work, gathering, peeling…


If we strive to live in silence among ourselves in order to remain in the presence of God even in the company of our sisters, each afternoon we have a time of community meeting: discussion on one theme or another, recreation that brings us together for a moment of fraternal relaxation, singing rehearsal or a meeting for the organization of the week.



Our days are like a symphony; sometimes the rhythm is sustained and light, sometimes the unexpected makes it seem faint, other times it is slow and peaceful and so on, the movements follow one another. The most important for us is to live this together, in the certainty that our love of neighbour is the most authentic manifestation of our love of the Lord.