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Our Work

Our Work

St. Benedict in his Rule states that it is when we make a living from our work that we are truly nuns. Work, in fact, allows each one of us to participate in the service of all with a constant concern for the common good, for collaboration, for fruitfulness. We strive to give the best of ourselves to this endeavour out of love for all those who benefit from it.


This concerns both the many tasks of daily life (cooking, cleaning, laundry, administrative tasks…) and the activities that enable us to earn a living.


Thus, rooted in this rural land of the Gers, our abbey earns its living from its farm (with organic farming) and the artisanal processing of the products from our farm.


We have a herd of cows (Brown Alpine and Jersey breeds) whose milk is used to make a farmhouse cheese, the “Saint Germier”, which is matured between 2 and 5 months. The calves and pigs provide quality meat for our consumption and for the artisanal production of pâtés and galantines. Finally, our orchard has a wide variety of fruit trees for the production of jams with multiple flavours and our large vegetable garden provides the vegetables that feed both the community and the guests of the monastery.


This agricultural work is experienced as a cooperation in God’s creative work, respecting the fragile ecosystems of nature, and units us with the farmers of our region.